The road from St Emilion to the Lot Valley has many quaint villages and seems to be a place for Parisians escaping the city. We stopped many times and met some wonderful people. The shop keepers seemed to love talking to Americans. Maybe there are not so many of us in this area. We had a picnic in one of the town squares.


We made a quick stop in Cahors to see one of the greatest Medieval bridges in France. This bridge was built in 1308 to keep out the English. The legend is that the devil is trapped in here and plays tricks on the residents. I walked up one of the ramparts on some really scary steps.

We then went to our Bed & Breakfast in the small village of Saint-Martin Labouval on the Lot River. The owners, Eric & Jocelyne, have a wonderful place with a pool and a hot tub. The gardens and rooms are beautiful.

The town of St-Cirq-Lapopie is the most famous of the Lot hill towns and is built going up the cliffs. We had dinner there. Tomorrow we will explore the valley.